Monir is a food photographer, director & producer who works in editorial, publishing, advertising, content creation, documentary, and the odd feature film project.  He is also a foodie, a columnist and a self-taught stylist. 

Clients and brands Monir has worked with include; Sainsbury’s, Manchester University, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat, Pataks, Agro Super, Golden Chopstix Awards, Sony Television, East End Foods, Kohinoor Rice, Elephant Atta, Westmill foods, NHS England, and the BBC. 

Food photographer and director Monir Ali

Monir’s recent work includes directing food and lifestyle shows for Sony Television, and photographed campaigns for AgroSuper,  and food films for Sainsbury’s Diwali Campaigns.

He delves into his experience as an advertising and marketing manager to find the perfect balance of creativity and saleability of a product to provide clients with content and images that tell both their product and brand story.

Monir is a qualified member of the British Institute of Professional Photography and has been a photographer for 14 years.  His style evolves from the type of food he photographs and specialises in rustic, honest and vibrant food Subtly lit, beautifully composed and are clean, modern and contemporary.

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